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At the outset of the Coronavirus crisis soprano Anna Prohaska asked Wolfgang Katschner and the Lautten Compagney to try to find a way to organize a musical encounter. The result was “Redemption”, a new Alpha Classics CD (Alpha 658).

It features a series of arias from Bach Cantatas, all in some way relevant to the title. The word Redemption can mean different things: can music offer consolation in times of health emergency and crisis? Can it serve as a route to emotions and contemplation? Can music be a redeemer for the musicians or “instruments”, as they create music and thus spirituality?

Alongside Anna Prohaska and the other three singers, the CD showcases some twenty instrumentalists in a personification of the concept of human interaction and collective experience which we have all so sorely missed during this period.

Link YouTube: Trailer of CD Redemption