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Cavalletti Artists Management

With twenty-five years’ experience in the world of music teaching and broadcasting, organising concerts and as artistic director, in 2009 Carlo Cavalletti undertook a new professional activity: he created a musical agency to promote in a new and more serious fashion selected musicians. From the outcome he chose to represent only a handful of artists, ranging from instrumentalists and conductors to singers, from orchestras to chamber groups, all chosen picked from today’s most brighting talents.

The decision to limit the number of the agency’s artists guarantees that each musician will be benefit from genuine, focused attention and close collaboration when it comes to the creation of new projects and programmes.

The agency organises tours for symphonic orchestras and chamber groups, participates actively in the development of individual projects and provides specialised musical advice.

In 2011 the agency took on the name of Cavartists – Cavalletti Artists Management and the website was launched.


Ali Hirèche
joins Cavartists

We are delighted to announce that the French pianist Ali Hirèche has joined Cavartists, a rare and much appreciated positive  development  which occurred during these difficult months of interruption and delay. A highly empathetic artist...

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First CD
for Piovano-Pappano duo

Luigi Piovano and Antonio Pappano have been friends and collaborators for fifteen years now and recently have come together again to make their first and intoxicating CD together (Arcana A479). The two artists have finally...

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The Music Goes On

Of course no video, no concert behind closed doors put out on streaming, can ever be a substitute for the magic and emotions of a live performance. Nonetheless heartfelt thanks are due to all those...

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Genova & Dimitrov’s Rachmaninov

The 5 stars awarded in the October issue of «Musica» to the new double CD released by the duo Genova & Dimitrov and their complete works of Rachmaninov is just one of the many glowing...

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