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Gile Bae
joins Cavartists

We are delighted to announce that Gile Bae, the Dutch pianist with Korean origins, has recently joined Cavartists. Outside her beloved Italy, where she was educated from an early age and currently lives, Gile Bae is making a name for herself internationally, as is self-evident

First CD
for Piovano-Pappano duo

Luigi Piovano and Antonio Pappano have been friends and collaborators for fifteen years now and recently have come together again to make their first and intoxicating CD together (Arcana A479). The two artists have finally recorded their interpretation, following scores of live performances in many

The Music Goes On

Of course no video, no concert behind closed doors put out on streaming, can ever be a substitute for the magic and emotions of a live performance. Nonetheless heartfelt thanks are due to all those musicians, including various members of the extended Cavartist family, who over

Genova & Dimitrov’s Rachmaninov

The 5 stars awarded in the October issue of «Musica» to the new double CD released by the duo Genova & Dimitrov and their complete works of Rachmaninov is just one of the many glowing reviews to be found in newspapers, specialist magazines and on

from music

At the outset of the Coronavirus crisis soprano Anna Prohaska asked Wolfgang Katschner and the Lautten Compagney to try to find a way to organize a musical encounter. The result was “Redemption”, a new Alpha Classics CD (Alpha 658).It features a series of arias from

Piovano conducts Poulenc and Britten

Brilliant Classics has just released a CD (Brilliant 96163) of Luigi Piovano conducting the Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto with pianists Leonora Armellini and Mattia Ometto, featuring two 20th-century delights of the repertory for two pianos and orchestra: Francis Poulenc’s Concerto and  Benjamin Britten’s